Apple Trade In Program

Apple Trade In Program

There is no doubt Apple is one of the most powerful companies in the world. After staring business operations in 1976, the company has slowly but firmly taken over the world becoming one of the most popular and influential companies there are in the world after te restructuration performed by Jobs in 2001. Among its most sold products we can name the iPod, Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, Ios, MACos, among other. The current Net income of Apple is of near 46 billion.

In 2013 Apple declared that they were devolving an Apple trade in program for their phones so users are encouraged to upgrade to Iphone 5 with the possibility of turning in previous models. In order to perform this task, Apple had to team with a mobile distributor, Brightstar, the company who developed the exchange program and that also develops trade in for AT&T.

The chief Executive Officer of Apple, Tim Cook, said that the idea of offering money for old devices help customers to upgrade their mobile phones. He also stated that it was a bold strategy but a necessary one so as to increase the sales of the company and help loyal customers to enjoy the innovations offered by the new phones in a declining economy.

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