Vizio E480i-b2

Vizio E480i-b2

Are you looking for a new, amazing TV Set? Then The vizio e480i-b2 it’s for you. This high definition television includes new technologic features such as a LED Backlight with dimming and a smart platform specially designed to make your experience easier and much more comfortable than it is now. This 48 inch screen gadget will permit its user to adjust the lightning in different parts of the screen for better contrast. Its price is listed for $599, which means that, for a low price, you will get amazing picture quality.

Even though its design is not as attractive as other LCD products, the plastic box includes amazing features which will conduct you to brighter colors and best image. This TV is designed for people who enjoy great pictures and images looking as real as possible. Motion is really smooth in this set.  

Also, streaming is really good. In fact, the product was tested with Netflix documentaries which were streamed with wireless Internet and the image was yet vibrant, crisp and pretty smooth. This tv set is definitely the way to go if you are looking to watch better television. 

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